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November 7, 2008

Free Obama Sticker

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We Did It.

We Did It. 

Eveyone that made it possible will be wanting one of these.  


November 3, 2008

Coal do we need it?

The three main providers of electricity in Oregon are the investor-owned utilities Portland General Electric (PGE) and Pacific Power (a PacifiCorp company), and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), a federal power-marketing agency. The two major sources of electricity in Oregon are hydro-power and coal, but natural gas is playing an increasing role in future supplies.

Coal accounts for 8% of Oregon’s electricity, while Natural Gas provides 20% and Hydroelectric comprises 69%.

Now I understand the need for American jobs, I really do.  Shouldn’t we be focusing our minds in the direction of development of new sources of CLEAN ENERGY?

How many jobs in Manufacturing and Research and Development along with Engineering could be produced by the necessity to create new energy sources?  But again today instead of focusing on the problem we are attacking an out of context statement made by Barack Obama.  My goodness give it a rest, present me with a solution to the problem, not a problem with the problem.

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