My Voice of Reason

Last Nights Dream

It woke me up, I sat up, and then slept like a baby.  Obama had won, and McCain got 12% of the vote.  I felt so good knowing that only 12% of the people believed in endless war, hate, inequality, and stood up against the smear campaign that McCain has ran.  Now I know that there are far more people in America that love war, and hate and all those other things; but today somehow I wonder if maybe, just maybe it was a 12 point victory? 

So I think today is going to be a great day, I’m not angry about the lies, I am even finding my comments to others posts are lighter and less intense today.  Maybe it’s because I’ve already voted, or maybe it’s because I can’t help but think my dream wasn’t a dream, but a vision.  Obama by 12 points, what a nice pleasant thought.  Not close enough to be stolen, altered or even appealed by all of the attorneys that are ramping up to contest this election.  Have a great day I know that I am.


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